We Know Analytics

Get the talent and resources you need to deploy your next project.

Enterprise-Wide BI Deployments

Deploy to your entire organization and scale to thousands of users. We assist you with strategy, design, and resource planning to ensure your project is a success.

Cloud Services

Make the transition to the cloud. Our team will get you up and running. We perform migrations from on-premise to the cloud and offer administration & support.

Mobile Apps

Deploy reports to any mobile device. Keep your executives well informed and reach your sales force out in the field.

Data Warehouse & Datamarts

Every project needs a solid foundation. We design & build your data warehouse and datamarts for scalable enterprise reporting.

Scorecards & Dashboards

Deliver scorecards and dashboards your customers will love. Have actionable data and KPIs at your finger tips.

Data Modeling & ETL

Pull your critical business data from source systems and transform it into a structure optimized for MicroStrategy reporting.

Self-Service & Ad Hoc Reporting

Empower your users. Provide your users with the necessary tool to create their own ad hoc reports and to perform visual exploration.

Predictive & Advanced Analytics

Understand your data. Identify trends, patterns, and forecasts using predictive analytics with R.

Architecture Design

Have our experts design your system architecture from end-to-end. We’ll make sure that it scales and also integrates with your existing systems.

System Administration

Installations, migrations, and upgrades. We’ll make sure your system is running smoothly. We offer on-premise and cloud administration & support.

Performance Tuning

Increase the overall performance of your system through server tuning, database indexing, and report caching strategies.

Data & Application Security

Protect your data. Secure your data at the database and application levels to make sure your critical business information is safe.

Web Customization

Enhance your MicroStrategy experience. We perform everything from simple branding to advanced SDK customization. We also offer graphic design services.

POCs & Prototypes

Need a quick proof-of-concept? Our team will help you build a quickstrike to prove out your next design.

Technical Support

At XeoMatrix, customer service comes first. We will provide on call support to your development team or assist your end users.

End User Training

Let us help you with your next project rollout. We will provide end user training to help ensure that you get maximum user adoption.


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