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Adding Value with Embedded Analytics (Whitepaper)

This whitepaper, written by Michael Kovner, Product Manager, and Tracy Rodgers, Product Marketing Manager, at Tableau provides guidance for embedding Tableau within simple web pages, custom web portals, 3rd-party applications, and customer-facing products.

About the Whitepaper

Business moves fast, and managers and decision-makers can’t wait days, or even hours, to view data and analyze the results of their initiatives. To be actionable, data and the tools we use to analyze data must be immediately available—on the organization’s intranet, within the business applications we already rely on, and built into the
mobile apps we use every day in our organizational roles.

Only embedded analytics can provide this level of access to business intelligence. Custom solutions require significant time and resources to develop and pre-built options usually fail to provide the insights users demand or the flexibility IT and engineering teams require. But it’s different when you’re using Tableau.

This whitepaper describes how embedded analytics can provide value to your organization, allowing you to quickly and seamlessly have a full overview of your data embedded in the applications and tools you already use.

As a Tableau Gold Partner, we believe embedded business intelligence should be fast to deploy and easy to manage. It should provide rich, intuitive visualizations when and where they are needed. And most importantly, it should help people quickly answer any question with data.

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