Data Strategy

Great data leads to actionable insights.

A Roadmap to Growth

Your company invests in software solutions and SaaS applications that provide huge amounts of data. From analytics platforms to CRM and accounting software, important metrics are buried in a sea of siloed reports. You want to leverage your data to empower your team and cultivate growth in your organization, but where do you start?

From initial discovery to company-wide implementation, XeoMatrix will guide you in creating a unified data strategy that intelligently pulls the KPIs that matter most to your organization out of departmental systems and into meaningful reports in a centralized dashboard. Whether your organization has a data warehouse that isn’t fully optimized or you’re new to data warehousing and embedded analytics, our expert consultants will guide the way to a complete data transformation.

Benefits & Objectives

Why Develop a Data Strategy

Your company’s data is a critical asset that enables strategic decision-making and is key to achieving growth. An actionable data strategy ensures that your company’s data resources can be accessed, combined, and reported upon easily and efficiently so that your organization can meet its goals and objectives.

Most companies have multiple data initiatives ongoing across departments. A company-wide data strategy establishes a roadmap for aligning data management activities across the organization. By spending time on strategic data planning, your company can establish methods, practices, and processes for managing, manipulating, and sharing data across the enterprise in a repeatable manner.

Key Objectives

  • Optimize data extraction, standardization, storage, and access
  • Ensure data security and privacy
  • Improve integrity and quality of reports
  • Ensure continued compliance and easier governance
  • Create a data culture and scale

Our Process

1. Discovery

Our data strategy sessions begin with an in-depth review of your brand, business values and objectives, and any legal compliance requirements. We map out current data collection procedures, identify who you’re collecting data for, discuss a number of data solutions, and identify which solution is best for your organization. This phase gives us a clear picture of your future goals – whether you want to increase efficiency, establish a sense of community, or turn your data into a source of revenue. 

2. Outline

Once we have a strong understanding of your organization, we create an outline that aligns with your goals and priorities with applicable technologies. This outline provides a starting point to begin creating a data management system and guides the implementation of your data strategy while ensuring compliance with data privacy regulations and corporate policies.   

3. Implementation

After we have completed the discovery and outline phases, we can begin implementing your data strategy. The implementation process includes accessing your data in its current platform (if applicable), then migrating it and transforming it as outlined into a modern BI, embedded analytics, or custom dashboard solution.

Data Storage Solutions

Our team of consultants can help your organization become data-driven: on-premise or in the cloud. 

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