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Google Cloud Platform is a cloud computing suite that can be used to build applications, measure KPIs, receive valuable insights, and keep data secure. Google Cloud Platform provides a modern cloud-based data warehouse solution that can ensure your data is always at your fingertips so your organization can make rapid decisions and maintain a competitive advantage.

google cloud platform and xeomatrix

Google Cloud Platform is one of our preferred data warehousing solutions, and for Tableau customers, is the ideal platform for running Tableau Server. Google Cloud Platform’s infrastructure and flexibility, along with BigQuery data connections, helps our data experts and designers create a modern, finely-tuned data warehouse for your business.  

As the enterprise solutions of choice for many large organizations with complex data needs, Tableau and Google Cloud Platform can work seamlessly with one another so your business can visually explore data in realtime. Our data experts can guide you through the process of configuring Google Cloud Platform to work best for your business and provide meaningful reports in a scalable environment.

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