Embedded Analytics

Seamlessly integrate your dashboards to leverage the powerful analytics and scalability of Tableau.

Deliver Meaningful Insights

As business continues to move online, data has become an increasingly important element of productivity and performance. When you are collecting data from multiple sources, you need to understand it and leverage it to make decisions. Implementing an embedded analytics solution will help you take charge of your data, saving time and streamlining workflow and data reporting in the process. It allows you to reach new customers and improve your digital presence while staying a step ahead of your competitors.

XeoMatrix’s certified data experts can create an embedded analytics solutions to foster your organization’s growth and community. Our unique approach to discovery, development, design, and implementation will give you the skills you need to deploy solutions quickly and easily.

Deliver Modern Data Solutions

Leverage the Powerful Analytics and Scalability of Tableau

Today’s users are hungry for data. They want to search for and earn knowledge for themselves. They want responsive, self-serving portals and dashboards.

An embedded analytics solution takes data from multiple sources, such as social platforms, website visits, contact form submissions, and sales platforms, transforms it into an easy-to-understand visualization, and displays it in a centralized portal or dashboard.

Embedded analytics solutions allow your users to easily access, understand, and compare previous and current data, directly within your internal software solution or customer-facing application.

Why You Need Embedded Analytics


Self-Service Reporting

Empower your users with analytics to get insight into the data they need.


Drive Stickiness

Increase adoption & engagement by offering a modern user experience.


Monetize Your Data

Use pricing tiers to sell value added services for analytics, data access, & more features.


Elegant UI and Styling

Design a custom white labeled solution that fits your branding & style.


Integrated Security

Protect your data through integrated authentication & data level security.


No iFrames

Deploy a seamless embedded solution that provides a fully responsive design.

View Example Portals

We build custom embedded analytics and dashboard solutions that fit your corporate brand and reporting needs. Below are several Tableau embedded analytics demos as an example of our capabilities. When it comes to your solution, the sky’s the limit.

xeomatrix sales analytics dashboard

Franchisee Portal

Empower your Partners

xeomatrix vendor portal dashboard

Vendor Portal

Enable your Suppliers

broker portal sales funnel dashboard

Broker Portal

Turn Insights into Action

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