Data Management

Data warehousing, infrastructure, and staging solutions that allow your organization to get the most out of its data.

Build & Streamline Data Connections

A great data strategy is nothing without a robust data management system. XeoMatrix can help you streamline database operations and create better visualizations across divisions.

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Our data engineers can help you create a plan to pull all your data into one centralized location, transforming it, and making it available for reporting.

Build a Data Pipeline

Modernize and Simplify Your
Data Management

Combining all of your company’s data from your enterprise resource planning and marketing automation tools to your CRM, analytics, and accounting software into a centralized data warehouse allows for more comprehensive and accurate reporting across your entire organization.

XeoMatrix’s data architects guide your organization in creating an efficient system for downloading, storing, migrating, and transforming data into a holistic data architecture. Together with our technology partners, we offer data warehouse creation and modernization, data connection and transformation, and ongoing data management services so your data can work for you.

XeoMatrix Data Management Services

Data Connectors

Effortlessly replicate your business data with pre-engineered or custom data connectors. 

Automated ETL/ELT tools extract data from one or more data sources, consolidate it, and connect it to a secure storage location.  

Warehouse Modernization

Leverage the power of modern cloud architectures to consolidate all your data & scale your analytics. 

Revamp your current data warehouse solution and move to the cloud. Our engineers are experts in secure cloud-based data storage solutions. 

Data Transformations

Join varied data sources into a single uniform format for easier consumption & simplified analysis.

Transform the format, structure, or values of your data to make it better-organized and standardized. Ensure the quality of your data.

Long-Term Data Management

Control the lifecycle of your data to ensure it is collected & kept securely, efficiently, and cost-effectively. 

Maintain regular data management sessions with XeoMatrix to ensure security, compliance, and best practices for data storage, transformation, and optimization. 

Data Storage Solutions

Our team of consultants can help your organization become data-driven: on-premise or in the cloud. 

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