Tableau Training

Learn how to leverage the power of your data with a Custom Tableau Training session from XeoMatrix Certified Data Experts.

Custom Tableau Training with Your Data

XeoMatrix Tableau Certified trainers offer two Tableau training options designed to ensure team adoption. Our training session utilize your data so your team learns with real-world examples.

Creator Training is perfect for power users. The training will cover fundamental to advanced Tableau Desktop skills.

Explorer & Viewer Training teaches users the fundamentals of Tableau on the web.

Regardless of the training you select, our Certified Data Experts will customize the sessions so your team can get the most out of the training.

A Custom Tableau Training Session Includes


Discovery Call

A pre-training discovery call where the XeoMatrix team will learn about your goals and experience level with Tableau.


Interactive Training

10 hours of instructor-led, interactive training, ranging from Tableau fundamentals to advanced concepts, using a dataset of your choice.


Post-Training Check-in

A complimentary, 1-hour post-training check-in call with your XeoMatrix team member.

Tableau Training Framework

1. Introduction to Tableau Desktop

Data Connectivity, Data Types, Measures & Dimensions, Discrete vs. Continuous fields. 

2. Tableau Desktop Fundamentals

Aggregating Dimensions & Measures, Hierarchies, Filters, Groups, and Sets.   

3. Calculations 101 & Advanced Calculations

Boolean, If/Then, String, Date, Parameters, Table Calculations, Level-of Detail.

4. Introduction to Tableau Visualizations

Bar Charts, Line Charts, Heat Maps, Geographical Maps, KPIs, Dual Axis Charts, & Scatter Plots.

5. Dashboard Development & Best Practices

Containers, Viz-in-Tooltips, Filtering, Dashboard Actions, Objects, Formatting, and Publishing.

Tableau Training Add-Ons

Empower your team with these extra add-ons to guarantee you make the best out of your custom Tableau training sessions. Ask our sales team about these add-ons today.

Session Recordings

Access to all class video recordings so that your team can review the training as needed on an ongoing basis.

1-on-1 Office Hours with Your Instructor

Add on 5 or 10 hours of one-on-one support with your instructor post-training.

Custom Dashboard

Training/Dashboard Development hybrid – we’ll train your team on the core concepts of Tableau, while also creating a production-ready dashboard

Advanced Data Connectivity

Live vs. Extract, Relationships (logical vs. physical tables), Unions, Blending, Pivots, Connecting to disparate data sources, Tableau Bridge

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