Unlock Faster Time to Insight

Fivetran accelerates analytics with ready-to-query schemas and redefines the data pipeline by replicating business data from different sources into cloud data warehouses and automatically updating changes. This represents a modern approach to data engineering known as ELT (extract, load, transform), as opposed to the more traditional method of ETL.

fivetran and xeomatrix

Fivetran is one of our trusted data transformation partners and frequently the “glue” that brings your siloed data together into actionable reports and a modern BI solution.

The XeoMatrix team leverages Fivetran to securely pull data from all your data sources, such as your CRM, accounting software, project management software, or social media accounts, and centralizes the data in your data warehouse. Whether you’re currently using Fivetran to power your data pipeline or are just getting started, our data experts can help you build powerful, streamlined connections and a data pipeline that works.

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