Tableau Dashboard Development

Actionable Insights Start With A Great Dashboard

Making your insights actionable starts with well-designed and developed dashboards.  If you want people to interpret what the data is saying and engage with it to draw insights is crucial.   Without it, the data becomes unused and not valuable.

tableau dashboard showing map of United States and executive level profitability overview

Valuable Insights Delivered

There is an art and science to developing dashboards that quickly tell a story, delivering insights to make informed business decisions.

When you take in data from multiple sources, like resource planning and marketing tools, your CRM, or your analytics platform, a single data dashboard can cut down on back-and-forth, increase productivity, and empower users with responsive, self-service dashboards.

Tableau is a simple and effective tool for visualizing data. It can quickly consume the data, blend the information, and transform it into a stunning data visualization. Tableau users can even create customized data dashboards to fit brand guides, security requirements, or specific devices, all without complex computer coding knowledge. This makes it easy to design a dashboard that provides the insights and information that you most need.

XeoMatrix delivers the right balance between art and science, helping organizations develop compelling stories and insights from their data to help drive more informed decisions and drive better business outcomes.

A Proven Approach To Tableau Dashboard Development

Strategy & Objectives

Developing a strategy for how your organization is going to use Tableau is a great first step. Doing so will get you to insights faster and a better return on your investment.

Intuitive Design

You don't just start building a house without a blueprint or a design. The same is true with Tableau Dashboards. We help you envision what a beautiful, functioning dashboard can look like.

Streamlined Development

You don't just start building a house without a blueprint or a design. They same is true with Tableau Dashboards. We help you envision what a beautiful, functioning dashboard can look like.

Optimized Performance

Tableau platform is like a high-powered engine. It will need fine-tuning from time to time. Let us help you ensure your dashboards are optimized to get the most out of the insights

Leverage Our Expertise To Design and Develop Dashboards That Deliver


Better Designs

Our team has the expertise to design dashboards that help organizations to better tell a story with their data. They know the ins and outs of great dashboard design and can deliver working prototypes quickly.


Faster Time To Insights

We know Tableau and can develop dashboards that deliver insights to you and your team more concisely and with greater clarity, enabling you to make impactful decisions faster.


Optimized For Every Device

Our expertise can help optimize your dashboards to perform on any device, in any environment. You want your team to analyze the data, not spend their time messing with dashboards that don’t perform.

Examples of Our Dashboard Work

Auto Incident Insights
Xeomatrix data visualization
Supply Chain Shipping Analytics
March Madness
March Madness Final Four
Gambling In Fabulous Nevada
Healthcare Inpatient Facility Reporting
Supply Chain Insights
Supply Chain Insights

What Our Clients Say About Our
Tableau Dashboard Development Work

"We thought building out dashboards would be easy to do using our internal team.  It wasn't until we worked with XeoMatrix that we understood the real art of the possible. They put so much thought into how they designed our dashboards,  ensuring insights are easy to consume and take action on."
Graham T.