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XeoMatrix Announces Data-Driven Community Meetup Group

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Stuart Tinsley, Client Success Manager

XeoMatrix Announces Data-Driven Community Meetup Group

Austin, Texas, February 28, 2023 – XeoMatrix announced today the Data-Driven Community Meetup group launch – an online space to provide meaningful insights and actionable takeaways to simplify analytics for data leaders to make better decisions.

XeoMatrix’s Data-Driven Community on Meetup will hold monthly webinars on business analytics and big data. The meetups will be held on the second Wednesday of the month at noon (12:00 PM) central time via Zoom webinars and will cover topics related to enterprise data & analytics modernization.

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“Hosting events at Meetup is more than just organizing a gathering, it’s about creating a community of like-minded individuals who share the same excitement, passion, and energy for a common goal,” says Chris Monahon, President at XeoMatrix, “We are excited to reach new audiences and bring in our expertise and knowledge to the data community.”

About Meetup

Meetup is a social networking platform that allows people with shared interests to organize and attend in-person or virtual events, which are typically organized around a particular topic or theme. The platform is designed to help people connect with others in their local area or beyond, and to facilitate the creation of communities and social networks based on common interests, hobbies, or goals.

About XeoMatrix

XeoMatrix offers consulting services to help companies understand their data so they can make better business decisions. Our proven approach simplifies the development process so our clients can focus on analyzing their business, streamline data visualization, and ultimately improve ROI.



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