Tableau proof of concept evaluation

How to Evaluate if Migrating from MicroStrategy to Tableau is Right for Your Organization

Tableau is an industry-leading software that helps companies visualize and understand their data. Trusted by organizations across the world, Tableau’s award-winning software provides fast analytics and rapid-fire business intelligence.

Tableau is especially useful for businesses that need visual discovery, self-service, and strong data governance. Our data solution engineers at XeoMatrix deliver professional services as your trusted consulting advisors. We are a Tableau Gold Partner and that also have expertise in MicroStrategy so we can craft your migration strategy to Tableau.

This article covers the objectives of a proof of concept engagement that you should consider while evaluating a migration from MicroStrategy to Tableau.

From MicroStrategy to Tableau: Proof of Concept Objectives

Evaluate Tableau on Your Own Data

The first objective of a true proof of concept is to evaluate your company’s data within Tableau. We’ll take your organization’s existing data and create visual dashboards that will help you make intelligent decisions. In this first step, you are getting a preview of the value that you can get out of your data with Tableau.

Re-imagine Analytics Using Tableau Reports

The second objective during our proof of concept lets you re-imagine your report within Tableau. You will be able to create modern data dashboards that are intuitive, automated, and exciting. Tableau’s solutions will create valuable insight reports and foster a feeling of community across your organization.

Conduct Group Workshops to Train Your Team

XeoMatrix’s Tableau Certified trainers will offer Tableau workshops for your team and train them on how to use Tableau. The objective of this step is to empower your team with the Tableau expertise they need to properly analyze your company’s data and get the most out of Tableau’s platform.

Confirm Use Cases for Current and Future Needs

The objective of our fourth step during our proof of concept consult is to identify current and future use case scenarios of your data with Tableau dashboards. This will allow you to visualize how Tableau can help you become a dynamic data-driven organization with comprehensive dashboards optimized to fit your needs. This solution will polish and perfect your forecast and grant you access to make better-informed decisions.

Tableau Migration Strategy

To wrap up the proof of concept, we’ll talk about the strategy and process that entails migrating your data from MicroStrategy to Tableau. The migration will allow your company to modernize its Business Intelligence (BI) platforms. XeoMatrix data experts will plan and perform your data migration, generating greater value for the organization and high adoption rates.

MicroStrategy to Tableau Proof of Content with XeoMatrix

As a Tableau Gold Partner, we believe migrating from MicroStrategy to Tableau will ensure top efficiency with your data. Tableau Dashboards should provide rich, intuitive visualizations that will allow your company to identify key data points and use that knowledge to make informed decisions.

If you’re interested in performing a proof of concept, contact us today. We’ll help you identify the business gaps, any future use cases we need to prove out, and how Tableau can help you make the most out of your data.