snowflake data cloud

Introduction to the Snowflake Data Cloud

An organization’s data is locked in dozens, possibly hundreds of silos across multiple databases. From your executives to your frontline employees, decisions are made more on assumptions rather than concrete data.

To gain a competitive edge, you must share data across your organization with suppliers, business partners, and customers. However, this can result in costly, risky, and cumbersome methods to only deliver stale, incomplete data.

The Snowflake Data Cloud

The Snowflake Data Cloud offers a global network to discover, access, and securely share data throughout your business and with thousands of other organizations.

Snowflake’s platform is the engine that drives the Data Cloud. Snowflake customers use the platform to unify, integrate, analyze, and share data. This happens for many critical data workloads around the organization and at any scale or speed desired. Once the data is mobilized through Snowflake, that data becomes part of the Data Cloud. This helps you retain complete control while seamlessly and securely sharing governed slices of your data with anyone in the Data Cloud.

Connect to Share Data

Anyone in your organization is able to connect to share data through Snowflake’s innovative secure data sharing technology. Unlike traditional data sharing methods, with Snowflake you can share live ready-to-query data across cloud and region without any Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL).

In addition to sharing data, you can share business logic and services, ensuring your ecosystem has the data and tools they need. With fine grain governance and access controls, Snowflake’s platform offers safety, and security, while being able to meet industry and region-specific data regulatory requirements.

Snowflake’s Data Cloud allows you to create one-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many data-sharing relationships. The platform helps you break down barriers of siloed data within your own organization and share data across different departments, subsidiaries, geographies, and with your business partners.

Join Snowflake’s Data Cloud with XeoMatrix

Join the Data Cloud to easily access your data and a vast array of third-party data, and to obtain the deepest insights about your customers, your organization, and what lies ahead. The Data Cloud, mobilize your data, mobilize the world’s data.

As Snowflake experts, XeoMatrix’s data engineers have the expertise to best utilize all Snowflake Data Cloud has to offer and to create solutions that provide value to your business.

Whether you’re already storing your data within Snowflake or are looking to transition your data storage and BI reporting to Snowflake Data Cloud, XeoMatrix can guide you through optimizing Snowflake’s platform and integrating it with all your data sources. Contact us today to learn more about how we can make Snowflake work for your business.


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