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Tableau Tips & Tricks: Add Data from an Online Source

We at XeoMatrix have gathered a few tips & tricks that can make your Tableau development experience even more efficient. Today’s topic is: Add Data from an Online Source.

If you want to add data into your Tableau worksheet from an online source, you can easily copy and paste it.

Let’s say, for example, that you want to take the information from this table below, and place it in your worksheet.

online data source showing U.S. states and population

First, you want to highlight the table, as shown in the photo below.

highlighted online data table of U.S. states and population

Then you can right-click, and press “copy” in the pop-up menu, or, you can use keyboard shortcuts, like command+C on a Mac, or ctrl+C on a PC. Now that the data is copied to your keyboard, head back over to your Tableau dashboard.

Once you have opened up your worksheet, you can either right-click in the window, and then press “paste” in the pop-up menu, or you can command+V on a Mac, or ctrl+V on a PC. Your data will then be placed into your Tableau worksheet, like in the photo below.

U.S. state population data pasted into tableau from an online source

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