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Streamlining and Securing Data with Modern BI

empower physical therapy

About Empower Physical Therapy

Empower Physical Therapy helps patients regain their strength after injuries. Originally based in Arizona, the therapist-led company has taken off, growing to 40 locations around the United States. They take a patient-first approach, working with their clients to achieve personal goals on their schedule.

The Challenge

Empower Physical Therapy needed a way to source financial data and present it to their investors. In the past, they used third-party software to manage schedules, billing, and transactions at all of their locations. The software sourced their financial data and delivered it in an Excel spreadsheet format.

The team at Empower Physical Therapy would spend days reviewing and integrating that data and then creating data reports to present. They needed a solution that would automatically source and integrate all of their data and quickly create visual reports. They also needed to ensure that their data was secure and HIPAA compliant, as they handle sensitive patient information.

Strategy & Deliverables

After talking with the team at Empower Physical Therapy, we realized that the best solution was to build them an end-to-end data process.

The first step was to find a way to automate the data integration. We decided to use Matillion’s ETL tool, which could integrate and pull scheduling information and financial data from a SFTP server on a daily basis and then load it into their data warehouse which was on Snowflake.

Empower Physical Therapy was then able to use Tableau to analyze their data and create reports for their investors. We helped their team polish and improve their dashboards so that they were elegantly styled and easily understandable.


When we completed our sessions with Empower Physical Therapy, they were able to receive data in a matter of seconds – instead of the usual few days. This allowed them to streamline office processes, including scheduling and billing, and easily create reports that demonstrated their value to investors. Additionally, they could rest assured that their patients’ data was safe in the secure data warehouse that our team had built for them.

Key Takeaways

  1. HIPAA-compliant Tableau dashboards.
  2. Actionable reports delivered instantly, streamlining office processes.
  3. Multi-platform integration and reports that demonstrate value to investors.

Technologies Used

Services Provided

  • Dashboard Design
  • Data Strategy
  • Data Warehousing
  • Data Security
  • Tableau Server Rapid Start
  • Data Pipeline