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Improving Organization and Internal Data Reporting

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About Mobile Tech RX

Founded in 2014, Mobile Tech RX provides a software solution for automotive repair that is transforming the auto reconditioning industry. The Mobile Tech RX app streamlines the supply chain in auto repair and body shops by working as a one-stop-shop for Box Design, Tooling Development, Manufacturing, Repair/Refurbishment, Kitting, and Distribution. Mobile Tech RX was built by technicians, for technicians to save auto repair shops time and money, allowing them to more operate more efficiently and make a greater profit.

The Challenge

Mobile Tech RX came to XeoMatrix as a new business venture. The company’s founders were looking to overhaul the antiquated paper- and pen-based estimating and invoicing systems used on car lots. With their industry experience, Mobile Tech RX knew that many auto shops didn’t have an organized internal reporting source and were unable to leverage historical data or quotes when pricing their services.

Mobile Tech RX’s goal was to create a software application that could provide a singular source of data reporting for auto repair and body shops, enabling them to get more efficient at pricing services and to close more deals. Mobile Tech RX needed an experienced data analytics partner to design and develop the customer-facing dashboard for their software application. The finished product needed to be polished and easy for customers to use, as well as scalable as their user base grew.

Strategy & Deliverables

With our guidance, Mobile Tech RX chose Tableau as their business intelligence tool. The Tableau platform allows data from virtually any system to be visually presented in an actionable way. Understanding both Mobile Tech RX’s and their users’ goals was key to our strategic recommendations, and it was clear that Tableau embedded analytics would provide the best reporting dashboard solution for Mobile Tech RX and their auto shop customers.

Our team helped Mobile Tech RX install multiple Tableau servers, including production, development, and test environments. Once the servers were up and running, we designed and developed the first customer-facing dashboards included in their mobile application. We advised the Mobile Tech RX team on best practices for dashboard design, ensuring all finished embedded analytics dashboards were easy to use, included actionable data, and could scale as their user count grew.


Through their early partnership with XeoMatrix, Mobile Tech RX was able to successfully launch a software product that was professional, well-styled, and vital to their application’s success.

Since launching the Mobile Tech RX app, the active userbase has grown into the many thousands. The initial dashboards designed and developed by XeoMatrix were key to their initial success and providing the best possible customer experience for their end-users. Now a top solution for internal reporting and analytics for auto repair shops, Mobile Tech RX is truly transforming the auto reconditioning industry.

Key Takeaways

  1. Tableau Server setup and dashboard design for software startup.
  2. Focus on ease of use for dashboard users.
  3. Scalable solution to support rapid user growth.

Technologies Used

Services Provided

  • Dashboard Design
  • Embedded Analytics
  • Dashboard Development
  • Tableau Server Rapid Start
  • Tableau Strategy