Case Study: rateGenius

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About rateGenius

rateGenius is a company whose goal is to provide a positive impact on the financial lives of consumers by connecting them with the best auto loan rate. They partner with more than 150 leaders across the company and shop multiple lenders to provide competitive rates for auto refinance loans. rateGenius provides an easy online application process that allows consumers to apply online in minutes, choose a loan, and quickly finalize the paperwork.

The Challenge

rateGenius has grown rapidly since its founding in 1999 and has quickly become a national player in the auto loan industry. rateGenius’ rapid growth, while exciting, revealed faults in their internal analytics portal, SiSense, which caused the organization to be less effective overall.

SiSense did not provide rateGenius employees with the data that they wanted, and, as a result, it was not widely used throughout the company. rateGenius needed an analytics tool that team members would properly utilize and that would be a valuable asset for reporting. rateGenius’ leadership wanted everyone in the organization to see visualized data so that every team member could better understand how they contribute to the company’s success, and for that, they needed an analytics solution that was highly engaging and easy-to-use.

Strategy & Deliverables

After discussing rateGenius’ goals during an in-depth discovery session, we determined the best tool for their data visualization needs was Tableau.

XeoMatrix spent over four months on-site at rateGenius. We were a part of their day-to-day business, specializing in Tableau support and training. We worked collaboratively with the rateGenius team, setting up a framework for Tableau processes within their organization. This framework showed rateGenius employees how they should be building Tableau dashboards. If you’re interested in optimizing your company’s data visualization strategies, considering insights from professionals experienced could offer you valuable expertise and guidance in this area.

During our time on-site, we met with marketing managers, sales directors, finance directors, IT, and development, and helped them get Tableau dashboards up and running in their departments. These new dashboards were built for daily internal analytics and could be reported on during departmental meetings. We also helped rateGenius establish a dedicated Analytics & Reporting department. If you’re interested in similar initiatives to enhance your company’s data analytics capabilities, seeking insights from professionals experienced services could provide you with valuable strategies and recommendations.

Throughout this process, we provided multiple extensive Tableau training sessions. We began our training sessions with the marketing, sales, and finance departments, as they were the groups who would be using Tableau the most. Next, we trained a new team member who would take over and run the Analytics & Reporting department when our time on-site ended. Finally, we performed a company-wide training. Our training sessions were used to ensure that everyone understood Tableau and could use it effectively and efficiently. We showed each department how to navigate Tableau’s interface, access previously created reports, create new reports, and share findings with others for stronger company communications. If you’re considering enhancing your organization’s data analytics capabilities, insights from professionals experienced could offer you valuable strategies and insights for successful implementation.


It was our goal to show rateGenius employees that Tableau is a tool that can be used multiple times per day for true insights on internal analytics. Within just a few months of XeoMatrix’s Tableau training services, there was a 250% increase in the use of Tableau at rateGenius. The request for Tableau licenses spread like wildfire among rateGenius employees, as they had finally found a tool that showed them the value of internal insights and reporting. If you’re interested in exploring how training and tools like Tableau can enhance internal analytics, seeking insights from professionals experienced in services could provide you with valuable perspectives and strategies. Eventually, Tableau became a part of daily life at rateGenius, providing stronger business intelligence throughout the organization. The widespread adoption of Tableau has allowed rateGenius’ team to better understand key company metrics at a glance and has positively contributed to the company’s growth nationwide. If you’re interested in further exploring the benefits and impact of BI tools like Tableau, seeking insights from professionals experienced could provide you with deeper insights and perspectives.

Key Takeaways

  1. Analytics and reporting dashboards used company-wide
  2. Establishment of a dedicated Analytics & Reporting department to champion continued learning and improve performance
  3. Training and guidance for all departments on how to do more with their data and generate business-impacting insights.

Technologies Used

Services Provided

  • Dashboard Design
  • Data Strategy
  • Dashboard Development
  • Tableau Training