Getting Off the Ground with Embedded Analytics


About Trajektory

Trajektory is a sports data start-up based out of Chicago. Trajektory aggregates data from multiple sources into a portal that allows sports organizations to manage their data stress-free and accurately value their sponsorship assets in real-time. Trajektory’s data aggregation, data governance, and data insights solutions allow sports teams to easily create comprehensive reports for their sponsors, vendors, and partners.

The Challenge

When they came to us, Trajektory’s team was looking for a better way to source and visualize their data.  They knew they needed better data visualizations and had already identified Tableau as the best solution, but the Trajektory team did not have the architecture set up to connect their data with Tableau’s software.

Trajektory needed an end-to-end solution that would show them how to automatically source data, create a database, and deliver finished dashboards to clients.

Strategy & Deliverables

The first step in our partnership with Trajektory was to evaluate their data and recommend tools that could build the architecture they needed.

We proposed that Trajektory use Snowflake, a trusted partner of ours, to create a database where they could securely house and transform data. We also suggested that they use Matillion’s ETL tool to load their data into Snowflake.

Once we had the data architecture up and running, we created a custom-built portal integrated Tableau to display data visualizations on the front-end. The Trajektory team built their own dashboards, but we helped them polish the final product before sending them out to clients. Clients are able to log in to Trajektory and see all of their data securely in one place.


After our session with Trajektory, they were able to launch their brand and start serving clients successfully. We created a scalable data architecture that could grow along with them and allow the company to easily adapt and push new changes to their portal at any time. This was a significant timesaver and efficiency improvement over their previous methods.

Trajektory’s data solutions help sports organizations gather and understand data from social media, marketing efforts, sponsorships, vendors, and more. Since launching our recommended data strategy, Trajektory has become a trusted partner in streamlining data analytics, improving relationships, and building revenue for a number of sports organizations.

Key Takeaways

  1. Multi-platform integration, bringing data from multiple sources into meaningful Tableau reports.
  2. End-to-end data strategy, preparation, warehousing, and training.
  3. Customer facing data visualizations.

Technologies Used

Services Provided

  • Dashboard Design
  • Data Strategy
  • Data Warehousing
  • Tableau Server Rapid Start
  • Data Pipeline