Our Partners

We partner with the best to deliver critical business solutions.


Collaborating for Your Success

XeoMatrix and its strategic partners work closely together to guarantee the success of your project deployments. Our partner network enables us to leverage all resources so that you receive the best service and support. We’ve built strong relationships with our partners to ensure that you are always in good hands.

tableau logo

Tableau Software helps people see and understand data. Used by more than 15,000 customer accounts worldwide, Tableau’s award-winning software delivers fast analytics and rapid-fire business intelligence. Create advanced visualizations and dashboards in minutes, then share in seconds.


MicroStrategy's mission is to provide the most flexible, powerful, scalable and user-friendly platforms for analytics, mobile, identity and loyalty—offered either on premises or in the cloud. With nearly $100M annually dedicated to R&D, MicroStrategy is proud to serve millions of business users across 20 industries around the world

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Snowflake is a data warehouse cloud-based tool that supplies companies with flexible and scalable storage while simultaneously hosting solutions for BI. It combines the power of data warehousing, the flexibility of big data platforms and the elasticity of the cloud at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions.

fivetran logo

Fivetran accelerates analytics with ready-to-query schemas and redefines the data pipeline by replicating business data from different sources into cloud data warehouses and automatically updating changes. This represents a modern approach to data engineering known as ELT (extract, load, transform), as opposed to the more traditional method of ETL.

matillion logo

Matillion is an ETL tool built specifically for cloud database platforms including Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, and Snowflake. It is a modern, browser-based UI, with powerful, push-down ETL/ELT functionality with a fast setup, you are up and running in minutes.

C data logo

CData Software is a leading provider of data access and connectivity solutions. Our mission is to simplify the way that users and applications connect with data. We specialize in the development of Drivers and data access technologies for real-time access to online or on-premise applications, databases, and Web APIs.