Tableau Consulting

Leverage the power of Tableau to become a data-driven organization.

Empower Your Business

Internal data reporting and embedded analytics are essential for growth and productivity within your business. Previous BI tools have fallen flat – leaving out key data and failing to achieve widespread adoption. You need a new solution that will empower users to explore new data, create valuable insight reports, and foster a feeling of community.

With Tableau, you can create modern, elegant data dashboards that are intuitive, automated, and exciting. But where do you start?

XeoMatrix certified Tableau experts will help you take charge of your data. Whether you need assistance with installation and implementation or you want to enhance your basic Tableau skills, we have a solution for you.

Why Tableau?

Valuable Insights In One Place

When you take in data from multiple sources, like resource planning and marketing tools, your CRM, or your analytics platform, a single data dashboard can cut down on back-and-forth, increase productivity, and empower users with responsive, self-service dashboards.

Tableau is a simple and effective tool for visualizing data. It can quickly consume the data, blend the information, and transform it into a stunning data visualization. Tableau users can even create customized data dashboards to fit brand guides, security requirements, or specific devices, all without complex computer coding knowledge. This makes it easy to design a dashboard that provides the insights and information that you most need.

XeoMatrix Tableau Consulting Services

Dashboard Development

For those who are just getting started with Tableau Desktop.

When you’re ready to start building effective content, get started with Dashboard Development. XeoMatrix data experts will help identify business use cases, develop dashboard solutions, and provide knowledge for internal reporting and client-facing portals.

Tableau Server Rapid Start

For those who are ready to install and roll out Tableau Server.

With Tableau Server Rapid Start, XeoMatrix will help you understand best practices for installing your Tableau Server with the prescribed settings and configurations, setting up user authentication, and publishing content.

Tableau Training

For those who are looking to get their Tableau Desktop users trained.

Our Tableau Certified trainers offer two Tableau training options designed to ensure adoption.

Desktop 1 is perfect for Tableau beginners. The training will cover fundamental Tableau desktop skills. Desktop 2 teaches more experienced Tableau users the skills necessary to become a power user.

Tableau Strategy

For those who want to establish a self-sustaining Tableau community.

Kickstart growth with a Tableau Strategy and become a dynamic data-driven organization with Tableau Blueprint.

XeoMatrix can help your organization build a center of enablement that will allow you to identify key business users, create BI strategy, develop workflows, and create a roadmap for publishing content, all within Tableau.

Tableau Server Audit

For those that want to finely tune their existing Tableau Server environment.

If you have already installed and configured Tableau within your organization, XeoMatrix can perform a server audit. We identify best practices for optimizing your existing content’s performance, help you design for future growth, and ensure proper security and permissions are deployed.

Dashboard Optimization

For those looking to improve and optimize existing dashboards. 

XeoMatrix offers comprehensive dashboard optimization solutions to polish and perfect Tableau dashboards. Optimization offerings include branding existing Tableau dashboards, ensuring visualization best practices, designing for efficiency, and focusing on user experience.

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