Improve Your Tableau Data Visualization

Apps for Tableau offers premium extensions to help you make the most of your data visualizations. From helping you style your data dashboards to building interactive SuperTables with Excel-like features, Apps for Tableau provides customizations that are made specifically for your needs. Get instant insight into outliers and important data deviations and start improving how you visualize your data.

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Together with Apps for Tableau, XeoMatrix data professionals have the expertise to develop the data visualization dashboards that will help you improve ROI. Our data experts will work directly with your team to help you make the most of these premium Apps for Tableau.

Whether you want to get the best experience with table data visualization or completely customize your Tableau dashboard, we can help you create a data visualization strategy that meets your goals and provides valuable information for the future.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can make Apps for Tableau work for your business.

Top Apps for Tableau Integrations


Get the most out of your Tableau tables with this powerful dashboard. From pivot tables to drill-downs, all on Tableau.


Add three write-back modules and eliminate Excel from your workflow with Data Helper, Add Data, and Data Correction.


The Tableau Server MailScheduler helps you integrate perfectly scheduled Tableau Dashboards from multiple workbooks by email.


Get a dynamic list of images directly on your Tableau dashboard and provide your users with intuitive filter controls.


Add more visualization types to your Tableau Dashboards. From Radar Charts to Sankey Diagrams, improve your visualization experience.


Get the most out of conducting ad hoc explorations and root cause analysis in your Tableau Dashboards.