BI Modernization

Modernize your analytics to transform your business and gain speed to insight.

Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

Whether you’re moving to the cloud or upgrading from waterfall reporting to self-service analytics.
XeoMatrix can help you accelerate your transition to modern analytics.

Many companies still rely on outdated data warehouses and other BI solutions that have been set up using traditional tools and practices. As the marketplace continues to grow and change, traditional BI just isn’t enough. Your business needs to take advantage of every opportunity to stand out to the data-hungry consumers of today. Those who don’t evolve to meet the needs of a digital world run the risk of being left behind.

Traditional vs. Modern BI

The BI Modernization Advantage

Traditional business intelligence was created with a focus on technology rather than the user. Most traditional BI tools relied on IT professionals to review internal data and create reports for distribution. This system requires hands-on, often highly-skilled work to complete, slowing down the timeline of internal reports and building barriers between internal data and company-wide interest or adoption.

Modern BI tools are automated and give instant insights into the current state of the company. They remove barriers, allowing users of all skill levels – and in all departments -to explore data visualizations in a more intuitive system. Users can share and understand internal reports, building a sense of community. High-level executives can make informed decisions based on real-time data and insights, driving growth and boosting performance.

Why Modernize?

  • Streamline daily processes
  • Discover new insights
  • Foster self-service
  • Strategize for the future
  • Leverage the value of your data

Why XeoMatrix?


Certified Experts

Work with the best. Our team is certified in Tableau best practices.


Strategy Roadmap

Follow our proven methodology. We’ll outline a migration strategy tailored to your business needs.


Inventory Analysis

Our migration assessment process easily identifies what reports & KPIs should be migrated.


Migration Assistance

Avoid the trap of “lift & shift”. We’ll help you reimagine your analytics in Tableau.


API Development

We’ll port your existing customizations using the Tableau API.


Tableau User Training

We provide certified training that promotes user enablement & ensures Tableau adoption.

How it Works

Your BI Modernization Team

Moving your organization to a new BI platform shouldn’t be a challenge. Our proven BI Modernization process will simplify the migration process to ensure a smooth transition.

1. Inventory

First, our team will review your current BI solution, and take inventory of the application metadata. This provides insight that will help us choose the best method for migrating your existing data.

2. Document

After we have taken inventory of the existing data, we will document the object definitions of measures and dimensions that your existing BI solution has been using. This will help us create dashboards with the appropriate data fields.

3. Prioritize

Third, our team will identify you mission critical data sources and dashboards so that they are prioritized. We will focus on delivering immediate value to your business.

4. Migrate

Lastly, we will build the required Tableau data sources to support your analytics. Our team will reimagine your reports and dashboards within Tableau.

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