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Click and Drag to Create Duplicates in Tableau

We at XeoMatrix have gathered a few tips & tricks that can make your Tableau development experience even more efficient. Today’s topic is: Click and Drag to Create Duplicates.

To easily create a duplicate image, icon, chart, or graph in your Tableau worksheet, you can use the control, click, and drag shortcut. We’ve created an example donut chart below to show you the steps.

donut chart in tableau

First, press the control key on your keyboard. Next, while pressing the control key, click on the item in your dashboard that you want to duplicate, as shown below.

SUM sales highlighted

Lastly, while still holding the control key, drag your selection into the label field above it.

control click and drag to duplicate items in tableau

You should then see a duplicate item in the worksheet shelf.

SUM sales duplicate created with control, click and drag

This quick tip is handy for duplicating items in the same worksheet without recreating them from scratch.

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At XeoMatrix, it is our goal to help you use Tableau efficiently and easily. This simple trick can simplify tasks in the future and save you time as you build out your data visualizations.

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