Data Visualization Evaluation Guide: How to Choose the Right Modern BI & Analytics Platform

Data Visualization Evaluation Guide: How to Choose the Right Modern BI & Analytics Platform (Whitepaper)

Data Visualization Evaluation Guide: How to Choose the Right Modern BI & Analytics Platform whitepaper provides a comprehensive framework for evaluating and selecting the right platform.

How Tableau consultants modernize your Business Intelligence

How A Tableau Partner Can Help Modernize Your Business Intelligence Solution

Tableau is all about empowering people to be more data-driven. While Tableau is a powerful and user-friendly platform for data exploration and analysis, there are still many scenarios where organizations may benefit from working with a Tableau consultant.

Stuart Tinsley presenting a Tableau dashboard.

Jumpstart Your Tableau Deployment

Learn how your organization can get more out Tableau by understanding Tableau’s best practices for better deployment, training, and adoption.

Tableau proof of concept evaluation

How to Evaluate if Migrating from MicroStrategy to Tableau is Right for Your Organization

Tableau is an industry-leading software that helps companies visualize and understand their data. Trusted by organizations across the world, Tableau's award-winning software provides fast analytics and rapid-fire business intelligence. Tableau is especially useful for businesses that need visual discovery, self-service, and strong data governance. Our data solution engineers at XeoMatrix deliver professional services as your…
snowflake data cloud

Introduction to the Snowflake Data Cloud

An organization's data is locked in dozens, possibly hundreds of silos across multiple databases. From your executives to your frontline employees, decisions are made more on assumptions rather than concrete data. To gain a competitive edge, you must share data across your organization with suppliers, business partners, and customers. However, this can result in costly,…
broker portal sales funnel dashboard

What Is Modern Business Intelligence?

As the pace of business continues to accelerate, business intelligence has quickly evolved to meet the needs of data-hungry users. Modern business intelligence tools have opened the door for self-service analytics and brought data reporting to the mainstream. But how do you know if it's time to make the switch to a more modern set…

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